Sna Broch

This ancient broch sites is one of the 'at risk' Scottish Heritage sites. In 2017, we had a visit from some local archaeologists who took a look at the site, they plan to return in 2019 if they receive funds. Sometimes known as Snabrough, Sna Broch or Sna Brough. Check out our video page to see the drone flight around the site.

Only a small section remains. The archaeologists are not sure what the bare rectangle patch is at the back of the site; something is hidden underneath to stop the grass growing!

Worked stone. An archaeologist said this was from the area.

Facing stones.

Up close, you can clearly see the layers of stone in the earth, especially in the brown layers showing that a man-made structure is buried here.

You can see that in 1891, more of the structure was visible, but the site would have been much larger, according to Samuel Hibbert-Ware.